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#1  The New South Wales (NSW) Supreme Court in Australia should be ashamed of itself for sponsoring a Judgement that made a pesticide poisoning victim GUILTY OF THEIR OWN POISONING!

I warned the NSW Department of Housing and Pestkil multiple times that I was chemically sensitive and that they should not use orthodox (toxic) pesticides on or around my unit for a termite infestation in the fences.

They 'home-invaded' me and 'raped' me TWICE with suffocating, toxic chemicals, forcing me into a rolling, life-long catastrophe of pure misery: joint & muscle pain, fatigue, massive chemical vapor sensitivity, vaccine sensitivity, chest pains, tinnitus, brain damage (short-term memory problems) & sperm damage.  I sued Housing, and Housing cross claimed against Pestkil.


And so, the easiest fix for the INCONVENIENT and obvious TRUTH of monumental Housing and Pestkil negligence (bordering on willful chemical assault... should they not be quite so @#$$%%&!! dumb), negligence leading directly to gross chemical poisoning TWICE (supported robustly by tens of thousands of dollars in blood tests, and industrial hygiene, toxicology, vapor intrusion, pharmacology & medical reports), was to make me appear as the only possible guilty party in this "chemical rape" equation.

"Murray, everyone says it's a bad Judgement!"

(Comment from my solicitor's main assistant 2012, made a couple of months after the pesticide poisoning trial Judgement was awarded in favour of my poisoners: the NSW Department of Housing & Pestkil)





"We can't avoid the fact that the adversary system of jury trial does make justice a game, in which sometimes the worst team wins, because it has a dream team of lawyers, or because there's something gone wrong in the jury room, or because the judge is biased".  (Geoffrey Robertson QC, 1998*)




"...a tendency of judges to treat judicial independence as a shield for themselves rather than as a protection for the people.  Indeed, there is a lot to be said for the view that judges have devalued judicial independence in the public estimation by relying upon it in order to protect their own position and privileges." (Sir Anthony Mason, May 2000, Paper for a conference on judicial conduct and ethics held in Dublin)

#3  Since when is the RAPE VICTIM guilty of their assault!!??  Amazingly (or perhaps not), the wife of the former Pestkil CEO (the CEO personally performed the 2nd pesticide treatment in complete disregard to my health warning) was openly accused in Court by the Housing SC Barrister of lying:  "She's obviously lying!" (M. Joseph, NSW Supreme Court Civil Trial Statement, Nov. 2010)...


Of course, that's not where the lies began because Pestkil's Affidavit said I did NOT warn the CEO of my disability before he forced the pesticide application on me -- whereupon I was poisoned a second time.

Perhaps a nice solid, juicy, robust polygraph test for the CEO and myself would resolve this disagreement AND CLEARLY DEMONSTRATE WHO'S TESTIMONY THE JUDGE SHOULD HAVE BELIEVED...

What I experienced in the Supreme Court was the corporate legal pathology of adversarialism, a black and diseased mandated contrariness and focus that is illogical, childish, shallow, unrealistic, abstract, unfounded, obsessive, pathological, defamatory, and therefore CORRUPT.  It actively and wantonly avoids the reality of truth and forces the fabrication of unsupported, wholly negative assertions such as: "... his evidence much of which was reconstruction rather than recollection" (Thompson Judgement).  So deranged is this focus ("the lies and distortions of truth generated in an adversarial system"**) that it should not be surprising that those who institutionalize and habituate aberrant lying to this corporate extent should ultimately suffer mightily for their immersion in this laser-focussed and contracted form of "professional" psychological perversion: "Why are lawyers killing themselves?" and "Legal profession ranks fourth in suicide rate."***

#4  "Well trained and experienced pest managers are aware that on every job a risk assessment must be carried out.  This is a requirement of the licensing authority in NSW, WorkCover.  Once the extent of the risk has been assessed decisions need to be taken on how to reduce any risks identified.  Once this is done a suitable management program should be designed and agreed upon with the client or others who may be at risk.


#5  "In this case the plaintiff claims that he had advised both the pest manager and the Department of Housing that he was sensitive to chemicals and did not want chemicals used around his property.

"This should have alerted the pest manager immediately to an issue that needed special attention and a degree of cooperation between the pest manager, the Department of Housing and the plaintiff." (Peter Meadows Consulting P/L, Report, 25th July 2006).


* Robertson, G. QC, 1998 [online]. Radio National transcripts: ‘Adventuring Advocates of the Adversarial System’ in The Law Report, Tuesday 31 March 1998. Source:; Accessed: 14th April 2010.

** Equal Parenting Network, 2007 [online]. Article: Presumption of Equal Parenting Time. Source: Accessed: 18th March, 2010




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Well, now.  My website has been repeatedly hacked over the last few months.  As well, my PC has been hacked and all records (excepting web page files) relating to both my poisoning websites have been deleted.  So then, to this new incarnation website, slightly altered in name only


Chemical & Pesticide Poisoning & Legal Action


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Did You Know That You Can SELL What You Know?   Organophosphate (inc. "Roundup") Toxicity

BIFENTHRIN (the pesticide/termiticide) IS DEADLY!


DISABILITY COUNCIL INTERNATIONAL: With the adoption of the UN International Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (CRPD Convention), persons with disabilities worldwide have an instrument that allows them to no longer just aspire to charity and condescendence, but to full inclusion in their respective societies.

Those out there who have not yet reached their full toxic load, who have not yet become one of the multiplying "walking wounded", and who have not yet been inexorably overwhelmed by the massive weight of either a slow, creeping metabolic "death march" or blasted by the conflagration of an acute toxic shock episode, cannot possibly understand how much we suffer! (Murray Thompson, Facebook Comment, 12 August 2012;  "But, good on them for trying!"


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Have YOU been poisoned by chemicals, PESTICIDES?

I am a father trying to protect my child from POISONING!






This mass of slab perimeter (excess/dumped) concrete was discovered just 2 weeks before my trial in November 2010, but this critical information did not make it into my trial for the consideration of the NSW Supreme Court (my legal team didn't want this)!  I lost my trial and was accused of purposely placing myself and my son in the firing line of two pesticide treatments that the NSW Department of Housing forced on me, even though I repeatedly warned them: 1. about my asthmatic chemical sensitive condition, and 2. against exposing me to toxic pesticides.  They didn't listen.  Pestkil didn't listen.  Neither corporation acted as they should have in the face of multiple human health warnings from me...  And I was made the scape-goat for the whole, disgusting, filthy, negligence-ridden, Judge-Hates-Environmental-Activists (me) mess!  The Supreme Court: where the truth goes to die... and be twisted and re-fabricated into ludicrous fantasies that detoxify and support near-criminal actions.



My legal case against the New South Wales Department of Housing went to trial in November 2010 and in February 2011 at the New South Wales Supreme Court in Sydney (the file number of my case was 2003/00091442 and the hearing was listed for 15/11/10 in the Supreme Court, Civil List).  The trial demonstrated: HOW EASY IT IS FOR YOU TO BE POISONED (& HOW I WAS POISONED BY A NORMAL TERMITE TREATMENT), and exactly WHAT THE MANY & VARIED SYMPTOMS OF PESTICIDE POISONING ARE!  Tell your friends in public housing about this trial, & ask them if they became sick any time after their housing residence was treated with pesticides (Check my Twitter profile: "poisonedpeople".  I also have YouTube videos: see the menu above).


Note that my discovery of an anomalous concrete dump around my unit's slab (which was THE reason for my son's and my -- at the very least -- 15-month long-term exposure to pesticide vapours) came too late (perhaps...) to be included in my trial.  Imagine that: a legal process can fail to include absolute PHYSICAL evidence that predated the resulting trial by more than 20 years!  The Expert Report evaluating this concrete dump found that hundreds of litres of pesticide were pumped directly on top of the dump, which then transferred the pesticide and its solvent portion into my unit's concrete slab foundation.  Also, the report demonstrated almost identical calculations for future likely quantities of residual pesticide solvent vapour resident in my unit in January 2005 to those quantities actually found by an Industrial Hygienist at that exact time.  The Expert Report (Exec. Summary) evaluating this concrete dump is found HERE.  Note: MAP OF MY UNIT & LOCATION OF EXCAVATION HOLES REVEALING CONCRETE DUMP, EXCAVATION HOLES 1, EXCAVATION HOLES 2, EXCAVATION HOLES 3, CROSS-SECTIONAL DIAGRAM OF CONCRETE DUMP, HOLES IN BRICKWORK ALLOWING INTRUSION OF PESTICIDE VAPOUR, VIDEO: PESTICIDE DRILL HOLES, VIDEO: CONCRETE DUMP 1, VIDEO: CONCRETE DUMP 2, VIDEO: CONCRETE DUMP 3, VIDEO: CONCRETE DUMP 4.


In court I was accused of purposely exposing myself and my 8 year old son to pesticide in order to justify (?) litigation against the Department of Housing!  As a father this is both disturbing and defamatory.  I absolutely reject this in the most strenuous possible terms.  Read the Judgement: HERE.

Isa 5:20 "Woe unto them that call evil good, and good evil; that put darkness for light, and light for darkness; that put bitter for sweet, and sweet for bitter!" (KJV)  In other words: "Who confound and overthrow the distinctions between moral good and evil, who call evil good and moral evil (Isa_5:20), who not only live in the omission of that which is good, but condemn it, argue against it, and, because they will not practise it themselves, run it down in others, and fasten invidious epithets upon it - not only do that which is evil, but justify it, and applaud it, and recommend it to others as safe and good." (Henry Commentary)




Have YOU been poisoned by chemicals, PESTICIDES?

Do you have joint pains, itchy skin, sore eyes or throat, or unexplained muscle pains and spasms that appeared out of nowhere?  Have you experienced sudden dizziness and coordination problems, fatigue, chest pains without heart problems, flu symptoms without a real infection (very hard to differentiate, even for a doctor), or tinnitus ('ringing' in the ears), hearing and eyesight deterioration?  Do perfumes, car exhausts & other odours make you sick?  Does electromagnetic radiation from TVs, cell phones and power stations make you nauseous and dizzy?  Did you get JOINT PAINS after having a vaccination of any kind?  Do you or especially your children get strange abdominal pains for no reason, or your teens experience unusual aggression or ADHD symptoms?  Have you dug weeds in the garden and then gotten stomach pains, chest pains or joint pains?  Have you had an unexplained miscarriage, or has Non Hodgkin's Lymphoma hit your family for no reason?

Then please understand this...

Multiple Chemical Sensitivity is an Inconvenient Truth




If you live in PUBLIC HOUSING, if your house is next to a GOLF COURSE, or if you live within 1 mile of an AGRICULTURAL AREA, then YOU NEED TO KNOW:

1.  How easy it is to be poisoned (much, much easier than you think)

2.  Exactly what the pesticide poisoning symptoms are (doctors worldwide easily misdiagnose and attribute poisoning symptoms to other causes)

3.  What the chemical poison could be doing to your health, and

4.  What you can expect in the future (by way of the changes in the development of your symptoms), and...


how to RIGHTFULLY SEEK compensatION for your injuries!


I have considerable government debts from my time spent in University (which is why I've designed this site myself to save money).  As well, I have suffered a significantly reduced income through being thoroughly poisoned, with my health now profoundly compromised.  This has been the most negative experience of my life and also one of the most educational.  I have therefore decided to put everything I have learnt about chemical poisoning and legal action into a major eBook.  This eBook will, however,  be FREE (but supported internally by advertising).  As well, there will be available an accompanying series of important eBooks that will all be FREE.  The general contents of some these freebies is also available on my Poisoned People website if you want to dig for it.


This production has required some considerable effort (an understatement) and a vast expenditure of time on my part to put together.  This has been doubly damned and difficult because my poisoning ensures that my thinking and doing are extremely inefficient.  In other words, I have pesticide-induced brain damage (this has been confirmed by multiple brain scans), and I consequently have serious problems in terms of numbers and anything involving a sequence of steps.  What I have achieved on this and my other Poisoned People web site has taken ten times longer and required ten times the effort to complete in contrast with the performance level I achieved before my poisoning:

1.  Graduating top of my Degree in Environmental Health at the University of Western Sydney;

2.  Graduating with First Class Honours (Social Ecology);

3.  Being awarded a Postgraduate Scholarship for a PhD in Sociology.

So, I must state that with pesticide poisoning I have been left with the brain power of a smart shrimp, and this has imposed monumental restrictions on everything I now attempt.



Do you want to work from home?

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My main eBook will eventually be titled: Poisoning and Legal Action and it describes in great detail the ins and outs of suing for the purpose of being compensated for your poisoning injuries.  It also details how to approach the collection of vitally important information, information that will structure the nature of your legal argument.  This revealing information is drawn from my personal experience of being -- along with my son and neighbour -- severely poisoned by pesticide, and taking legal action against those responsible for the negligence.  The compensation I will receive will give me and my son (who was aged only eight-and-a-half when poisoned) a chance to get our shattered lives back on track.  How so?


Money can allow you to buy the means through which you can set up a predictable and safe (controlled) environment in which you can live and work for yourself.  This means YOU taking control of what you are exposed to, and limiting -- by education and self-management -- your purchases to less or nil toxic formulations of everything you need from soap through to cleaning agents.  A 'normal' work environment 'out there' in fantasy land where people are largely unaware of toxic exposures may be impossible due to the particular nature of your chemical injuries.  With this kind of independence, you will be able to manage your injuries better and optimize your immune system and health.  Perhaps you could also become wholly self funded through being SELF EMPLOYED.  You can do this by turning your difficult experiences into information that can be sold (as I'm doing on a tragically small scale with this web site).  In fact, this is the start of my new and general eMarketing career: giving away free eBooks on poisoning and legal action and other subjects.  Later I will hopefully advance at least one more website, one describing self employment through giving away eBooks and engaging other internet-related possibilities.


Therefore, if you are interested in getting even with the poisoners, getting compensation that is your due, and developing an independent lifestyle that you are completely in charge of, then you need the information as listed under the 3 headings 1, 2, & 3 below:


Poisoning & Legal Action eBook

My main eBook Poisoning and Legal Action will explain:

1.  How EASY it is to be poisoned (especially for children), and specifically how a poisoning incident can occur (poisoning is much more common than you might realize).  You might be surprised at how a toxic substance can get at you, and how vulnerable your current living arrangements could be!

2.  How easily your poisoning symptoms can be misdiagnosed as having other causes.  Your doctor may not be at all familiar with poisoning, nor even a specialist.  This is a massive public health scandal of huge proportions.  Understanding this issue gives you more awareness, and valuable tools to help you ferret out what you can use in your legal case.

3.  What the symptoms of poisoning are.  Specifically:

  • How poisoning affects your body (pain, bleeding, joints and movement, energy levels, sensory and coordination faculties, vaccination reactions, odour sensitization);

  • How it impacts you neurologically, or how your mind reacts (irrational fear, depression, suicidal ideation, hearing, tinnitus etc), and, as well, how to address a specialist medico-legal report that highlights your current psychological state too much;

  • Your future potential (you might not be able to do the work you once did for physical and/or mental reasons).  How the mind loses performance.  Ultimately your injuries are addressed in terms of how you can make the best out of a disastrous situation.

4.  Who can test for what: who (which organisation in Australia and elsewhere) can test you for the contaminant Bifenthrin (the active ingredient in the termite pesticide called "Biflex") by way of a urine test; who can test the air quality inside your house (there might be poisonous residual chemicals in vapor form); who can test your home's surfaces for chemical contamination (your tables, shelves and even the concrete slab under your unit may host traces of chemical poisons); who can report on a faulty pest treatment.  You need to contact the right people to help you:

  • Gather physical/chemical evidence of contamination and potential exposure;

  • Understand the likelihood of you developing morbid symptoms;

  • Determine if a previous activity carried out at your residence -- for example an inspection looking for termites, or a specific termite treatment -- was done correctly.

5 The records you need to keep: explicit details of all doctors visits and why; all symptoms, feelings and developments in your personal health status and why; records of past blood/brain tests (MRIs, ultrasounds, etc) and why; work references and details of certificates/degrees/courses of study achieved and why; letters from friends, doctors, teachers/lecturers and why.  Hint: all this information helps to build a case you can WIN.

6.  The kind of relationship you need to have with your solicitor or lawyer and why.

7.  Contact details for medical specialists who can provide you with a medico-legal report on your poisoning (what may have happened when the chemicals invaded your privacy and basic human right to a secure environment) and current state of health.

8.  How carpet cleaning products can poison your children at school.  How dangerous these chemicals are.

9.  How poisonous herbicides used by your local government Council may be impacting on the health of your family.

10.  HOW YOU CAN, THROUGH LEGAL ACTION, SUE THE OFFENDING PARTY (the poisoners) ON THE BASIS OF NEGLIGENCE.  You can get compensation for pain and suffering (the injuries you received and their impact on your life), lost income, lost opportunities, and lost superannuation.  You might even be able to get legal help "Pro Bono", or "No Win, No Fee".  This will kick-start your legal action and may result in a payment to you of hundreds of thousands of dollars (or more).

My eBook Poisoning and Legal Action details all the above essential basics, and then includes as a series of critically important, extended Appendices (the most important part of my eBook):

1.  My 44-page diary of the development of my poisoning symptoms from a point just 10 minutes after my unit was treated with pesticide (acute symptoms) through to years after the initial poisoning episode (long-term/chronic symptoms from that initial acute incident and, as well, ongoing pesticide exposure from a contaminated site -- my unit).  This diary gives day-by-day and month-by-month details of every symptom I experienced.

2.  A selection of vital extracts from my test results and my medico-legal reports, and knowledge of other poisoned people and events showing the results of poisoning and the huge issues surrounding poisoning.  This is incredibly valuable information because it shows:

  • How critically important tests you may need to get can reveal a past poisoning event in your life (this is evidence);

  • What kinds of scans might be needed for pesticide-induced polyarthralgia (joint pains) that may or may not generate visible swelling;

  • How to test for brain damage (yes, you read correctly; pesticide poisoning can cause brain damage and a very specialized scan can define actual organic damage caused by chemicals);

  • Another way to professionally test for subtle brain damage effects from poisoning;

  • The bone density tests that might describe bone impact (loss of calcium) from chemical influence;

  • Ultrasound scans that can point out certain types of kidney and liver impacts that can develop from a poisoning event;

  • How chemicals can strangely focus on very defined parts of your body to the exclusion of other nearby parts, and then how these weird symptoms can change over time;

  • How a woman I personally know was badly poisoned by leachate from a toxic waste dump and now has to have a hip replacement operation after experiencing arsenic poisoning (you might be able to avoid an operation that itself can introduce toxic materials into your body);

  • That eye tests can describe eyesight deterioration resulting quickly after poisoning;

  • That hearing tests can elucidate a particular variety of hearing loss from chemical poisoning's neurological impact.

  • Professional opinions that reveal how a chemical poisoning event can affect you psychologically (this is not the depression or suicidal ideation mentioned before; these are different areas of consideration and incredibly important to your case);

  • How chemical insult manifests as a constellation of symptoms that modern medicine tends to reject (why this rejection occurs is a bombshell of an issue itself, and one that you need to understand from my eBook: see #4, below).

3.  My repudiation of a Professor's medico-legal report.  This supposedly learned individual was very skeptical about the existence of a disease state that is generated by chemical exposure.  It is called Multiple Chemical Sensitivity (MCS).  This paper describes dozens of examples where the US Government and other organizations have recognized MCS as a true, organic disease state.  You need to have this information as substantiation for your legal case.  Be warned though, in Australia both the general knowledge and especially the recognition of chemical sensitivity are in the Dark Ages.  Chemical sensitivity and Australian law is desperately in need of illumination.

4.  Why industry and modern medicine (and government, and the military, etc) generally scorns MCS and belittles (and worse) those who suffer from it.  Also, why some medical reports you may get might only repeat what you told the medical practitioner and not offer a decisive verdict on your condition.  Why would some medical 'experts' not wish to make a concrete assessment, or worse, not wish to get involved in your legal case?  Understand these issues and you won't be so confused or disappointed at the outcomes of some of your inquiries.

5.  Why -- when you take legal action -- some of the doctors the defendant's (the people/company you're suing) legal team will send you to will dramatize fantasies in terms of how they want to picture the cause of your poisoning symptoms.  You need to be prepared for this unethical tactic.  I secured testimonies that totally contradicted one respiratory specialist's psychiatric take on my condition!  As well, how to determine if your opposition's medical expert is honestly assessing your condition, or deviously trying to fabricate a biased diagnosis of your condition that will satisfy their sponsor, the defendant).  An allergy specialist tried this tactic on me and I disappointed him greatly!  Find out what took place at that consultation.

6.  Why you need to take advantage of any specialist's offer to refer you to a Chronic Pain Service at a hospital, or to refer you for psychological counselling.  The benefits are not only in the service itself.

7.  Why -- if you're male -- you might benefit in your legal case from an Andrology (sperm) report.  What kind of sperm test is best?  Contact details for tests and world class medico-legal reports for this vital area of male sperm health are provided.

8.  Details from my Amended Statement of Particulars: Personal Injury Proceedings.  This vitally important document shows the minutae of:

  • the injuries I received from the chemical insult;

  • the continuing disabilities I experience (it is a long list);

  • the kinds of compensation I am entitled to.

9.  How you can be sick, be host to a constant array and progression of disabilities (physical and psychological) dogging your every step, and yet look totally normal!  How you can have joint and muscle pains and spasms throughout your body that explode all the time with vicious pain affecting major and minor areas of your body (massively reducing your 'quality' of life), and yet be able to do some things, some times that people might consider normal (I was very athletic and strong before I was poisoned).

10.  My construction of a hypothetical, long-term neurological impact chronology (based on my personal life):  this is a graph that shows chemical events and the levels of potential neurological response and damage that may explain initial chemical sensitivity (i.e. why a particular person may be prone to chemical injury), and a threshold above which chemical exposure might elicit measurable neuropsychological morbidity.

11.  How you can become hyper-sensitive to Electromagnetic Frequency (EMF) fields after being poisoned by chemicals.  How you can become sensitive to pain killers, sensitive to antibiotics, 'allergic' to yourself, hyper-sensitive to your own odors, sensitive to water... after being poisoned.

12.  My Detailed Response By Plaintiff to the Defendant's Lawyer's Request for Further Information, which was produced about half-way through the legal proceedings but which was not ultimately given by my legal team to the defendant's lawyers.  It shows the depth of detail (including maps, drawings, etc) that may be required of you in describing exactly what took place before, during and after a poisoning event.






do you want to work from home?

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Did You Know That You Can SELL What You Know?


13.  My authored Interrogatory: A detailed statement of the conversations that took place between me and the pest technicians that fumbled their way through dysfunctional Department of Housing instructions and contracts.

14.  The APVMA's (Australian Pesticides Veterinary Medicines Authority) Adverse Experience Reporting Program's report to me after I submitted an official Adverse Experience Report.  The critically important information in this report that supported what I knew -- through personal experience -- what had happened to me after my unit was treated with termite pesticide.

15.  My first 2 letters to the Department of Housing warning them of my son's and my poisoning.

16.  Extracts from my psychiatric reports, and the reports from two rafts of neuropsychological testing I underwent during my legal case.

Along with the free life-saving informational resource titled Poisoning and Legal Action (including the main eBook and its Appendices) you may have the following FREE downloads as PDF eBooks also.  These are quality documents I have authored over the last 13 years during my Degree in Applied Science Environmental Health, subsequent Honors in Social Ecology, and current PhD in Sociology at the University of Western Sydney.  I graduated top of my Degree and was awarded the Prize for Best Overall Graduating Student by the Australian Institute of Environmental Health (NSW Division).  Further, I received First Class Honours in Social Ecology, and was then awarded a postgraduate PhD Scholarship.  I was one year into my PhD studies when I was poisoned.  Read below to find out what vital information is included in these eBooks:

1.  My 30-page eBook titled: Pesticides & Weedicides, & Their Impact On Children, originally written as a letter to Standards Australia.  It details how big the issue of the chemical poisoning of people is, especially for those most at risk: children.  If you want to understand how vulnerable your children are to chemical exposure, then you must get this document!

Pesticides & Weedicides, & Their Impact On Children


The Letter starts thus:


Dear Standards Australia:
I wish to outline a substantial medical concern I have in relation to the application of termiticide (a synthetic pyrethroid: either Talstar or Biflex) in my Department of Housing (DOH) unit. The DOH has ultimately referred me to the Australian Standards for pesticide application, as it denies any responsibility in terms of the morbidity experienced by myself and my son in relation to my unit?s treatment. With the DOH essentially denying any Duty of Care, I must therefore question the Standard.

I propose to offer you in this letter substantial (scientifically endorsed and documented) toxicological and other evidence supporting my duel claim that:
1. the termiticide and its carrier agents are wholly dangerous to human health, and 2. that the particular method of termiticide application used on my unit (drilling and pumping) is, as well, not safe.




2a.  My 24-page eBook titled: Termites & Your Health, or Environmental Assessment of Pathogenic Fungi with Reference to a Sydney Unit Infested with Termites -- Potential Fungal Impacts.  It is written on the less well known subject of Mycotoxin Research.  Mycotoxins are the toxic chemicals produced by termites.  Mycotoxins can have neurotoxic effects on you and your family, so you need to know about termite infestations.  You can become extremely ill via this type of insect infestation, long before toxic pesticides are applied to the affected residence.

2b.  This includes another 7-page eBook titled: All Termiticide Drill Holes & Fence Photos This is a useful reference because it shows the termiticide drill holes positioned around my Sydney public housing unit which led to my disastrous pesticide poisoning.  As well in this eBook, I note where the Australian Pesticides and Veterinary Medicines Authority (APVMA) have identified the parts of the termiticide mixture that likely migrated through the slab into my unit's living space.  Also, how the chemicals moved through the slab (the mode of action and the carrying agent or vehicle) represents vital knowledge you need to better protect your family.  I provide extracts from emails exchanged with concrete experts in the US revealing what this means in terms of chemicals entering your home from the outside environment.  As well, I provide material from published sources describing the ease with which chemicals invade concrete slabs.  Guess what?  It might not just be you that was poisoned!  Ask you neighbour (especially if their unit shares your unit's concrete slab) if they noticed any health impacts at around the same time as yours.  How could this possibly happen, and how can you stop this problem from occurring?  There are ways!

All Termiticide Drill Holes Photos



3.  My 13-page eBook titled: Mushroom Farming Emissions Pollution, or Air Pollution Problem at McGrath's Hill -- A Short Public Health Assessment.  This document shows that the gases associated with mushroom farms can be extremely toxic.  They can have a huge impact on your family's health.



4.  A simple yet profoundly illuminating 3-page eBook titled: Chemical Threat To Children, incorporating 2 Letters to the Editor of an Australian newspaper.  In one letter I address the annual pilgrimage of children back to school after Christmas and the usual range of infections and bugs that the kids get at this time.  This phenomenon is usually blamed on kids mixing with kids.  However, this is a stereotypical and institutionalized 'excuse' used by medical and other authorities, and it doesn't stand up to logic.  There is another reason why kids get sick after returning to school.  The answer is: CHEMICALS.  How can this possibly be?  You need to read this short article to understand this critical information.  You might be able to protect your kids better if you know what you're up against.  This is a matter of our children's immune systems and ultimately their total health and the generational health of our species.



5.  My 77-page eBook titled: The Impact of the Castlereagh Liquid Waste Disposal Depot (Castlereagh Waste Management Centre) on the Londonderry Terrestrial Environment (including the Hawkesbury River in North-Western Sydney).  If you've ever wanted to know what a waste dump can do to animals (stock), pets, children (before and after they're born), and adults, then you need to read this!  Of course, no mystery would be complete without a broad government cover-up, so you won't be disappointed with this TRUE LIFE environmental disaster in north-west Sydney, Australia, an environmental and human health disaster repeated around the world wherever toxic waste dumps and people intersect.

Further Details:

UNIVERSITY GROUP ENVIRONMENTAL HEALTH DEGREE ASSIGNMENT 1: The Impact of the Castlereagh Liquid Waste Disposal Depot on the Londonderry Terrestrial Environment (this includes the Hawkesbury River located North-West of Sydney, Australia)

This pdf file (for which you will need the program Adobe Acrobat Reader to view, available at: is an Applied Science Degree assignment created with other Degree students (Derek Sporl, Robert Sinclair, Rebecca Harvey, Ingvild Mogster, and Warwick Hunter) that focuses on the waste depot and the many grievous problems associated with its existence.  You will find information on the EPA, Waste Service NSW, waste leakage from the depot, and disease generated in animals and humans by this 'leachate'.  This document will also be of some interest to University students because it presents a variety of approaches to investigating problematic issues.




6.  My 60-page eBook titled: Global Toxicity: Chemicals: A Worldwide Nightmare (1998, 2nd Edn; ISBN 0-646-23801-9).  It describes just how huge is this global issue of chemical poisoning, positioned as it is inside the very addiction we have as a society for technological wonders, at the cost of technological nightmares.  This book shows where our ignorant love for these silent poisoners is taking us, and it's not going to be a comfortable ride!  Click "Free ebooks" in the menu at the top of this page for more details, including a description of the important Appendices that come with Global Toxicity: Chemicals: A Worldwide Nightmare.


Get the main document file HERE ("Global Toxicity") (632 KB), or below for other languages.

The important Appendices include a great many maps of the waste depot itself, details of a Community Monitoring Committee meeting in which an EPA representative admitted that the depot was leaking, interviews, chemical wastes lists, and heavy metals tests:

app1a depot site maps.pdf (1,445 KB).

app1b depot site maps.pdf (1,415 KB).

app1c depot site maps.pdf (516 KB).

app1d depot site maps.pdf (1,646 KB).

app1e depot site maps.pdf (1,183 KB) All the above maps provide details on the location of the formerly named Castlereagh Liquid Waste Disposal Depot (now called the Castlereagh Waste Management Centre).


The files immediately below are not yet available:

app2 depot environs.pdf  shows depot environs maps displaying the locations of affected properties, as well as a map of an anonymous property where we took soil samples for analysis at UWS (University of Western Sydney) (190 KB.

app3 1995 interviews.pdf  has interviews with an affected property owner, a RAGE (Residents' Action Group for the Environment) official, and a UWS lecturer (68 KB).

app4 1995 cmc meeting.pdf  has notes I took at a 1995 Community Monitoring Committee meeting where an EPA official admitted that the waste depot was LEAKING! (478 KB).

app5a rage newsletters.pdf  has RAGE newsletters and media releases from 1993 to 1996(1,522 KB).

app5b rage newsletters.pdf  has RAGE newsletters and media releases from 1993 to 1996(1,055 KB).

app6 lists of chemical wastes.pdf  has scans of various Waste Service NSW documents displaying the wide variety of toxic wastes deposited at the waste depot (1,203 KB).

app7 heavy metals printout & method.pdf  shows a scan of the heavy metals analysis performed by UWS technicians on the anonymous property soil samples (1,355 KB).

app8 tests.pdf  shows soil test results for 1996 on the anonymous property (306 KB).

app9 graphs for soil and water tests.pdf  shows graphs for the various anonymous soil and water tests, including heavy metals (379 KB).

app10 jones interview and photos.pdf (614 KB).

app11 performance rating scale.pdf (267 KB).

app12 closure plan.pdf (285 KB).



Traductions : Toxicit? Globale : Produits chimiques - Un Cauchemar Mondial
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Traduzioni: Tossicit? Globale: Prodotti chimici - Un Incubo In tutto il mondo
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Traducciones: Toxicidad Global: Productos qu?icos - Una Pesadilla Mundial 
Autor: Murray Thompson    ISBN 0-646-23801-9

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翻訳: 全体的な毒性: 化学薬品- 世界的な不快感
著者: Murray トムソン    ISBN 0-646-23801-9

번역: 세계적인 독성: 화학제품 - 세계적인 악몽
저자: Murray톰슨    ISBN0-646-23801-9

Переводы: Гловальная Токсичность: Химикаты - Всемирный Кошмар
Автор: Murray Thompson    Isbn 0-646-23801-9



7.  My 10-page eBook titled: My Child & I Are Sick & Yet Toxic Chemicals Are Still Freely Sprayed.  This eBook is also titled: WORLDWIDE DISEASE PANDEMICS FROM PESTICIDE.  This is a BLOCKBUSTER letter sent out to over 250 organizations worldwide!  It describes the chronological sequence of events that occurred from the poisoning of myself and my child in one residence through to our further poisoning in yet another house!  We just couldn't escape the wanton splashing around of toxic pesticides by a public housing utility, a town council and a golf club.  If you have ever wanted to know HOW EASY it is to be poisoned, then read this!  It will provide understanding and ammunition for your legal action, and potentially show you how a CLASS ACTION could leverage a great deal of power when many poisoned families join together to fight the poisoners.  There is a huge amount of information in this very tightly formatted eBook (the technical stuff being mostly in the footnotes).  There are 96 references and the letter was posted and emailed to 251 organizations globally, as well as to local (Sydney, Australia) recipients.


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8.  My eBook titled: Poisoning & Recovery??  Is There Life After the Slow Death of Pesticide Poisoning?  This eBook will be very much a gradual work in progress, once started.  It will highlight my psychological and physical progress (one way or another, warts and all) since I was poisoned in a Department of Housing (DOH) unit in north-west Sydney in 2000.  Because I have become very predisposed to depression since being poisoned, this aspect of poisoning will feature prominently and, as such, will rope in the monumentally substantial, global public health problem of psyche impacts through chemical poisoning.  There are 2 aspects to this issue: psychosomatics (a stressed psychological/physical response to circumstances) and direct nervous system (brain) poisoning.  As I am not a professional expert on either of these issues, I will help the reader and myself here through amalgamating a wide range of very current information.  I have access to the latest published scientific data, and will use this to paint a very current picture of this massive poisoning issue.

I do not know if I will recover from the gross physical effects of the pesticide poisoning I experienced.  The prognoses in my medical reports is not good.  As well, I continue to display a worsening sensitivity to deodorants, perfumes, vehicle exhausts, EMF and other smells (especially those emanating from car workshops).  Also, I now have a very prominent sensitivity to the presence of herbicides.  Recently, I weeded at the back of my friend's DOH/Community Housing residence and then became very ill.  Severe chest pains, chest congestion, joint pains and severe abdominal pain followed over a period of days.  The area I weeded has been sprayed by the golf club many times.  Herbicide residues from Roundup (or similar) were the most likely culprit.  I was exposed to dust from pulling the weeds and throwing them over the back fence for later binning.  Research shows glyphosate (Roundup) residues can last in soil for years.  As well, glyphosate can change into AMPA (see below):

Glyphosate has been described as ?extremely persistent? (NCAP 2000:2, referencing US EPA 1993-2), even though it has been promoted as an environmentally friendly herbicide that rapidly breaks down.  However, tests show that glyphosate may persist for 3 years (NCAP 2000:2, referencing Torstensson et al. 1989), while its metabolite, AMPA, may persist even longer (Buffin & Jewell 2001).  Glyphosate has been shown to cause genetic mutations in human, animal and plant cell tests (NCAP 2000:2, referencing Vigfusson 1980; Kale et al. 1995; Rank et al. 1993).


Buffin, D. & Jewell, T. 2001, Health and Environmental impacts of glyphosate: The implications of increased use of glyphosate in association with genetically modified crops, Friends of the Earth.

Kale, et al. 1995, ?Mutagenicity testing of nine herbicides and pesticides currently used in agriculture?, Environ. Mol. Mutagen. 25:148-153.

NCAP (Northwest Coalition for Alternatives to Pesticides) 2000, Unthinkable Risk: How Children Are Exposed and Harmed  When Pesticides Are Used at School, Northwest Coalition for Alternatives to Pesticides, PO Box 1393 Eugene, OR 97440-1393 USA (

Rank, et al. 1993, ?Genotoxicity testing of the herbicide Roundup and its active ingredient glyphosate isopropylamine using the mouse bone marrow micronucleus test?, Salmonella mutagenicity test and Allium anaphase-telophase test, Mutation Research 300:29-36.

Tortensson, N.T.L., Lundgren, L.N., and Stenstrom, J. 1989, ?Influence of climate and edaphic factors on persitence of glyphosate and 2,4-D in forest soils?, Ecotoxicol. Environ. Safety 18:230-239.

US EPA 1993-2, ?Science chapter for registration eligibility document for glyphosate?, EPA Ecological Effects Branch, Washington, DC (May 1).

Vigfusson & Vyse 1980, ?The effect of the pesticides Dexon, Captan and Roundup on sister chromatid exchanges in human lymphocytes in vitro?, Mutation Research 79:53-57.


Also note:

Environmental Effects

Much of the belief about glyphosate?s environmental safety is based on the expectation that residues will be ?immobile in soil,? and therefore the chemical will not contaminate groundwater.  EPA acknowledges that the material does have the potential to contaminate surface waters. If glyphosate reaches surface water, it is not broken down readily by water or sunlight.[xiv]  The half-life of glyphosate in pond water ranges from 70 to 84 days.[xv] 


Glyphosate is moderately persistent in soil, with an average half-life of 47 days, although there are studies reporting field half lives of up to 174 days.[xvi]  Residues of glyphosate have been known to persist for months in anaerobic soils deficient in microorganisms. Glyphosate residues are difficult to detect in environmental samples and most laboratories are not able to perform this service because of the lack of generally available, economically feasible methodology. (

References; accessed: 29 March 2009.

[xiv]  EPA. 1993

[xv]  Extension Toxicology Network. 1996. Pesticide Information Profiles: Glyphosate. <>

[xvi]  Ibid.


As well, I am in touch with poisoned people.  Observe this quote from a DOH tenant and note a signature psychological and mental effect of poisoning (in this particular case, the poisoning was from mycotoxins, the poisons expelled by the fungi associated with a termite infestation of a neglected DOH residence):

I am sick and exhausted really.  I don't get much done except from getting through day by day.  I don't have a solicitor yet.  Have been too ill really.  I did speak to your solicitor and he couldn't really help me until I could get all my paperwork together and being so ill I find it incredibly difficult to get anything organised.  My mind doesn't work well and I end up making piles of papers and worst of all I do things over and over before I realise i have already got a copy of that somewhere else.  So many files of stuff its overwhelming.

A very substantial statement from this person will eventually be made available in eBook 9, below.

Poisoning & Recovery??  Is There Life After the Slow Death of Pesticide Poisoning?

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9.  My eBook titled: CONSENSUS!  The Brutal Department of Housing Experience.  This eBook -- as with some of the above and below -- is not yet written and is only in the initial planning stages (i.e. what's on this page).  I plan to put this eBook together very gradually after receiving submissions from members of the public.  If you want your story in this publication, then please email me at:  I know of people who have been treated extremely harshly by the NSW Department of Housing (including myself), and their stories deserve to be told.  One story can already be found in eBook 2a, above. 

This publication will include:

  • stories from current and past Department of Housing tenants;

  • further information from my experiences;

  • information provided by politicians I will be contacting in the future;

  • information from internet-published resources.

For those who can't wait for the eBook, here are a few worthwhile links to get you started:

  • Housing issues

  • ICAC probes NSW Dept of Housing corruption claims

  • Sorry state of public housing ? What?s going on?


We conducted an audit of the maintenance of public housing in 2001.  At the time, the Department conducted minimal planning for property maintenance.  It had started to use larger multi-trade contractors, but needed to monitor and assess these new contracts.  There was limited performance reporting on maintenance, and Department monitoring was mainly on activity and expenditure levels.  The Department projected that despite significantly increasing expenditure on maintenance, the backlog would continue for the foreseeable future.  Our 2001 audit concluded there was a need to ensure that maintenance of assets was adequately planned for and funded.  Without adequate maintenance, the value of an asset will deteriorate rapidly and can result in significant prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" />

Despite this progress, the Department?s maintenance is still largely responsive rather than planned, the maintenance backlog has not been substantially reduced since the 2001 audit, and a low level of properties are maintained to an adequate standard.  (Source:  The Audit Office of New South Wales 2001, Follow-up Performance Audit, Department of Housing Maintenance of Public Housing (2001);; accessed: 19 Feb. 2009)


Apart from the issue of funding, however, the planning for maintenance, including management information to support planning, had not been well managed by the Department in the past.  Whilst major steps have been taken recently, there are still areas where attention is required. (Source:  The Audit Office of New South Wales  2001, Performance Audit In Brief: DEPARTMENT OF HOUSING, Maintenance of Public Housing, Tabled April 2001,; accessed: 19 Feb. 2009)


10.  My eBook titled: MSDS (Material Safety Data Sheets).  This eBook will ultimately provide some MSDSs to show you what is in some pesticide products.  It will also direct the reader to various worldwide web resources for this vitally important information.  These resources will include a host of toxicology sites that the manufacturers and sponsors of pesticide poisons would rather you were not aware of.

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